12.01 12.01 12.01 USD
Our Georgette is light-weight, airy, crinkled and sheer, displaying an overall bouncy transparent appearance. This fabric is strong absorbent, and has slight rough texture; its elasticity across grain and durability is excellent for apparel creations. It holds 51.84 GSM 54" is 94% Silk & 6% Spandex.
11.54 11.54 11.540000000000001 USD
This beautiful fabric is lustrous and all time favourite in-house material. The dupion fabric has dual shine, medium stiff, medium lightweight, and in plain weave. The fabric is excellent for modern apparel designs. It can be use in designing modern streetwear or pop silhouettes. It is 79 GSM and it is 80% Silk & 20% Lurex.
7.36 7.36 7.36 USD
This modal fabric is a form of rayon which boasts a silky feel. It is woven in fine silk giving open plain weave appearance making it versatile, soft and pleasant to the skin for the wearer.It is 65 GSM 54” and 40% Silk & 65% Modal.
PEONY 22  54” RFD
15.93 15.93 15.93 USD
This silk and wool composition fabric is lightweight and is open woven. It replicates similar to gauze fabric. It is 95.04 GSM 54”. It is 55% silk & 45% wool.
Olive 50” RFD
9.97 9.97 9.97 USD
Olive is our cotton silk fabric. It is lightweight, soft, smooth, no shine, has slight stretch and is in plain weave. This material can be use for luxury comfort wear. A silhouette designed to give and look comfort feel would be great for this fabric. It is 60 GSM 50” which is 20% Silk and 80% Cotton.
6.52 6.52 6.5200000000000005 USD
This modal fabric is a form of rayon which boasts a silky feel. It is woven in fine silk giving open plain weave appearance making it versatile, soft and pleasant to the skin for the wearer. It is 30 GSM 54” and 70% Modal & 30% Fine silk.
MAPLE  28 54” RFD
20.37 20.37 20.37 USD
It is woven chenille yarn which has soft pile revealing the structure of the weave. No shine is added, rough touch due to surface of wool fibres, smooth back, weaved in wool and silk. It is 120.96 GSM 54". It is 36% silk & 64% wool.
4.95 4.95 4.95 USD
Our shimmer chiffon is exclusively airy, lightweight, textured along grain, a semi-mesh weave and stretch across, gives the fabric a chic transparent appearance. It is synonymous with elegance in the fashion world. It is 25.92 GSM and 80% Silk & 20% Nylon.
13.47 13.47 13.47 USD
Our silk viscose Georgette fabric is the finest combination in-house. Silk giving a fine touch, viscose allows stretch and Georgette making the fabric light-weight, and sheer fabric, displaying an overall bouncy transparent appearance. It is 82.08 GSM 54" and 60% silk & 40% viscose.
36.55 36.55 36.550000000000004 USD
Our knitted fabric is fine, lightweight, soft to touch and drapes well; giving it a good stretch along the weft provides fairly creaser resistant. This excellent fabric is of 170 GSM 54” and 23% silk & 77% viscose. 
4.58 4.58 4.58 USD
Our silk viscose chiffon is airy, lightweight texture, includes mesh weave, gives the fabric a chic transparent appearance, as well as soft to hands feel. It is synonymous with elegance in the fashion world. It is 30% 54” and silk & 70% viscose.
DAISY 16 54” RFD
23.26 23.26 23.26 USD
This stretch satin fabric have a lustrous sheen; reflection of light gives extra enhancement to it. It has stretch across the grain for added comfort and ease where drapes are easy to pursue as its soft, lightweight and airy in nature. It is 69.12 54" and 94% silk & 6% spandex.
COSMOS 35.5 54” RFD
25.93 25.93 25.93 USD
It is woven chenille yarn which has soft front silk finish surface and fine wool finish at the back. The fabric has silk sheen surface and dull back due to wool. It is 153.36 GSM 54”. It is 25% silk & 75% wool.
11.27 11.27 11.27 USD
Beautiful chiffon woven in silver Lurex into warp of the fabric, making it shimmery while retaining its softness and flow is one of the finest fabric in-house. It is lightweight, and has excellent sheen appearing to be sophisticated. It is 51.84 GSM 54” and 65% silk & 35% Lurex.
12.23 12.23 12.23 USD
This silk cotton combination faille fabric is one of the exquisite in-house collection. Faille is woven plain, where ribs in weft are crafted in silk to give pronounced textured. It is smooth, lustrous,stripes textural appearance across grain making it a popular choice for exquisite apparel. It is 120.96 GSM 54” is 35% silk & 65% cotton.
14.80 14.80 14.8 USD
This silk viscose satin mix fabric has a high gloss finish both the side; lightweight and gives soft smooth hand touch providing light stretch. Weft in back gives an appearance of horizontal stripes. It is 60.48 GSM and 38% silk & 62% viscose.
7.35 7.35 7.3500000000000005 USD
Silk is generally considered a great insulator, while still breathable. Silk is naturally known for its smooth, luxurious feel, making it extremely comfortable. While Cotton being quite light, breathable but slightly coarser than silk is another great fabric. Combination of both the fibres makes our Buttercup fabric exclusive. It is 60.48 GSM 54” and 38% Silk & 62% Cotton.
BROOM 20 54” RFD
13.59 13.59 13.59 USD
Our cotton silk fabric is a blend of both fibres, combining positive characteristics of each into a single textile.It is a lightweight, airy, and silky comfortable weave which has an appearance of classic sheen, soft hand feel, and sturdy in nature. It is 86.4 GSM 54” and 55% Silk & 45% Cotton.
5.65 5.65 5.65 USD
This silk cotton chiffon is lustrous with ease in drape and feels soft to touch. The fabric is lightweight, soft, slightly transparent and cotton maintain its durability. It is 51.84 GSM 54” and 30% Silk & 70% Cotton.
BASIL 250 54” RFD
14.34 14.34 14.34 USD
Velvet word itself is smooth woven in tufted fabric where cut threads are evenly distributed along short dense pile. This weaving gives soft feel to the fabric. Mixture of silk and viscose gives an excellent touch to our BASIL fabric. It has sheen, smoothness, soft and medium stretch is included. It is 250 GLM 54" and 18% silk & 82% viscose.

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