PEONY 22  54” RFD
15.92 15.92 15.92 USD
This silk and wool composition fabric is lightweight and is open woven. It replicates similar to gauze fabric. It is 95.04 GSM 54”. It is 55% silk & 45% wool.
5.34 5.34 5.34 USD
It is a corduroy fabric which is distinct in pattern appearing in cord is sometimes composed to tufted cords or exhibiting a channel in plain or twill weave.It is medium light, soft to touch, durable & stretchy and stylish for the wearer. It is 215 GSM 54” and 99% cotton & 1% spandex.
6.44 6.44 6.44 USD
Viscose can be said a s synonym with rayon, goes both hand in hand. The main ingredient in viscose is wood pulp, which makes it hard to identify whether natural or synthetic. The fabric feels like silk, drapes beautifully, breathable, looks luxurious and lightweight. It is 75 GSM 54” and 63% Viscose & 37% Rayon.
POPPY 7.5 54" RFD
9.38 9.38 9.38 USD
This silk mesh is lightweight; the open-weave fabric is exclusively manufactured inspiring honeycomb. This silk mesh can be used in many garment construction ways giving a gauge effect. It is 32.4 GSM 54” is 100% silk and comprises excellent shine.
8.57 8.57 8.57 USD
It is a blended fabric which has been treated to make it soft and smooth. After being, peached fabric has light fuzz surface. This process gives nice feel, soft, and makes it comfortable to wear. It is 293 GSM 52” and 50% Tencel, 47% Cotton & 3% Spandex.
Protea RFD
7.96 7.96 7.96 USD
The Protea is a linen satin fabric which is very versatile, with the linen feeling on one side and Satin shine on the other side. It is the most stylish and elegant fabric in the apparel industry. Sheer elegance and fall of the satin material, makes it the most desirable fabric. Lustre, shiny surface and matter back of satin makes it a staple fabric for every occasion. The best thing is that it is is comfortable to wear in all seasons, skin friendly feel and has both the breathability and durability. It is woven by using latest weaving technology and quality tested threads. It is 115 GSM 44” and 100% bemberg.
4.84 4.84 4.84 USD
This fabric is similar to POINSETTA composition, but slightly has thinner appearance than POINSETTA. The fabric feels like silk, drapes beautifully, breathable, looks luxurious and lightweight in plain weave. It is 62 GSM 54” and 48% Viscose & 52% Rayon.
8.66 8.66 8.66 USD
This viscose blend satin fabric satin is very solid, has reflective surface, soft to touch, lightweight, and drapes easily. It is 95 GSM 54” and 55% Rayon & 45% Viscose.
7.35 7.35 7.3500000000000005 USD
This modal fabric is a form of rayon which boasts a silky feel. It is woven in fine silk giving open plain weave appearance making it versatile, soft and pleasant to the skin for the wearer.It is 65 GSM 54” and 40% Silk & 65% Modal.
5.94 5.94 5.94 USD
Our Ren is a organza satin solid fabric which retain the crispness of organza, but have more weight and a tighter weave giving them more substance and rendering them more opaque than traditional silk organza. They are smooth and satiny to the touch in front and Matt in back. It is 75 GSM 44” and 100% Viscose.
7.10 7.10 7.1000000000000005 USD
This fabric is similar to LIATRIS composition, but has thinner appearance. The fabric has dull appearance, drapes beautifully, breathable, looks luxurious and lightweight. It is 168 GSM 54” and 37% Viscose & 63% Rayon.
2.33 2.33 2.33 USD
It is a polyester taffeta fabric similar to LUPIN which is a luxurious material with refined giving crisp look. It is in the form of plain weave. Its is lightweight, durable, smooth, and wrinkle-resistant. It is 80 GSM 56” and 100% Polyester.
5.56 5.56 5.5600000000000005 USD
This chiffon fabric is woven giving some checks formation to the fabric. It is soft, textured to touch, lightweight, has transparent appearance and no glossy effect. It is 34.56 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
9.62 9.62 9.620000000000001 USD
Our TAILFLOWER fabric is a combination of linen, rayon and spandex. It has a fine finish gives smooth touch to hands feel, plain weave, lightweight, and has adequate amount of stretch. The fabric is best for apparels. It is 204 GSM 53” and 53% Linen, 45% Rayon, and 2% Spandex.
4.23 4.23 4.23 USD
This twill fabric is in ivory which is medium weight, has a modern look, and can give beautiful drape fall. It is soft to touch and comfortable to skin. It is 185 GSM 54" and 100% Tencel.
6.36 6.36 6.36 USD
Combination of Cotton and Lycra could be seen as an exquisitely exceptional stretchy fabric increased elasticity is another fabulous fabric in-house in twill weave. Its lightweight, soft and strong to feel. It is 268 GSM 54” and 98% cotton & 2% Lycra.
TULIPS 110 54" RFD
11.53 11.53 11.53 USD
Dupion silk is the allure of pure silk in its rawest form. Our TULIP dupion silk is soft, shiny and delicately plain weave crisp silk fabric. It is 110 GLM 54" and 100% silk.
11.53 11.53 11.53 USD
This beautiful fabric is lustrous and all time favourite in-house material. The dupion fabric has dual shine, medium stiff, medium lightweight, and in plain weave. The fabric is excellent for modern apparel designs. It can be use in designing modern streetwear or pop silhouettes. It is 79 GSM and it is 80% Silk & 20% Lurex.
5.13 5.13 5.13 USD
It is a polyester satin which looks luxuriously smooth, silky and has glossy effect surface and dull back. It is lightweight, airy and has slight stretch. It is 90 GSM 54” and 97% Polyester & 3% Spandex.
5.13 5.13 5.13 USD
Linen fabric is loved for its natural beauty and versatility; its expensive since its hard to weave. The VIOLET fabric is soft yet strong, sturdy, absorbent, dries faster. The best property of linen is that one can easily wear comfortably in summers and best for apparels. It is thinner than HOLLYSHOCK160, lightweight, in an open weave, soft to touch, and has gauge appearance. It is 96 GSM 54” and 100% Linen.

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