Billbergia RFD
4.52 4.52 4.5200000000000005 USD
Billbergia is the georgette fabric made with highly twisted yarns. It is a sheer, lightweight, plain-weave fabric with a coarse texture. The best part is that it doesn’t creases and holds a beautiful drape. It is 45 GSM 54” and Bemberg.
Bergmot RFD
3.82 3.82 3.8200000000000003 USD
The Bergmot is our georgette fabric which the light-weight, little bit rough, crinkled. It is easy to dye and highly warped with the yarns of S and Z. It is lightweight and breathable, flowy, sheer, holds dye well and slight stretch. It is 52 GSM 54” and 100% Viscose.
Ballota RFD
3.55 3.55 3.5500000000000003 USD
Ballota is a bemberg fabric which is close to silk that is known for its fineness, lightweight, softness, and silky hand. It has got smooth, silky and shiny surface. It keeps the wearer feeling fresh and comfortable. It is 40 GSM 44” and 100% Bemberg.
7.37 7.37 7.37 USD
Silk is generally considered a great insulator, while still breathable. Silk is naturally known for its smooth, luxurious feel, making it extremely comfortable. While Cotton being quite light, breathable but slightly coarser than silk is another great fabric. Combination of both the fibres makes our Buttercup fabric exclusive. It is 60.48 GSM 54” and 38% Silk & 62% Cotton.
4.50 4.50 4.5 USD
This fabric combination of cotton and spandex (satin peaching) finished is awesome to touch and see. The fabric is called peach because it is machine processed gives smoother appearance where the diagonal lines become lowered with the application of carbon wire brushing. The peaching process gives a nice, soft, and smooth feeling making it comfortable to the wearer. It is 230 GSM 54” and 97% Cotton & 3% Spandex.
BROOM 20 54” RFD
13.62 13.62 13.620000000000001 USD
Our cotton silk fabric is a blend of both fibres, combining positive characteristics of each into a single textile.It is a lightweight, airy, and silky comfortable weave which has an appearance of classic sheen, soft hand feel, and sturdy in nature. It is 86.4 GSM 54” and 55% Silk & 45% Cotton.
BOX 200 54” RFD
4.21 4.21 4.21 USD
Our poly chiffon fabric is a supple material in white porcelano. It looks strong in plain weave, has sheen, has smooth touch, gives lustrous look and yet sturdy. It is 200GLM 54” and 100% Polyester.
2.57 2.57 2.57 USD
This twill fabric is strong and durable. Its prominent diagonal weave lines makes it always different from any. Its lightweight, sturdy and chic in appearance. It is 130 GSM 54” and 100% cotton.
1.82 1.82 1.82 USD
This Organdy fabric is fine, thin, has durable crisp finish in cotton, which is weaved tightly twisted yarns in an open plain weave. It is sheer in appearance and lightweight which is 38 GSM 42” and 100% cotton.
2.70 2.70 2.7 USD
This voile fabric is lightweight in nature, comfortable to the wearer. Its gauzy, semi-sheer, thinness and see-through effect is excellent for modern apparels. It is 60 GSM 54” and 100% cotton.
2.85 2.85 2.85 USD
This fabric is a combination of organic and synthetic materials. This fabric is in open weave, transparent, lightweight, breathable, luxurious, and gives comfort feeling to the wearer. It is 65 GSM 54” and 50% Cotton & 50% Modal.
5.66 5.66 5.66 USD
This silk cotton chiffon is lustrous with ease in drape and feels soft to touch. The fabric is lightweight, soft, slightly transparent and cotton maintain its durability. It is 51.84 GSM 54” and 30% Silk & 70% Cotton.
20.09 20.09 20.09 USD
Similar to all the satin characteristics, our hammered satin is a lightweight satin with a distinctive hammered textured pattern. The surface of the fabric is smooth, shiny and airy in nature. It is 69.12 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
2.79 2.79 2.79 USD
Satin is one of the most loveable fabric which has smooth surface and a dull back. Smooth texture is visible on the surface, allowing a minimal stretch. It is 88.5 GSM 54” and 100% cotton.
9.37 9.37 9.370000000000001 USD
Our pop crepe is slightly diagonally stretchable . It is soft to touch, shiny in nature, very lightweight looks like an tiny open weave. The fabric is great for any garment constructions. It is 36.72 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
BASIL 250 54” RFD
14.37 14.37 14.370000000000001 USD
Velvet word itself is smooth woven in tufted fabric where cut threads are evenly distributed along short dense pile. This weaving gives soft feel to the fabric. Mixture of silk and viscose gives an excellent touch to our BASIL fabric. It has sheen, smoothness, soft and medium stretch is included. It is 250 GLM 54" and 18% silk & 82% viscose.
2.85 2.85 2.85 USD
It is polyester jacquard is known to be the a popular fabric. It is highly absorbent, dries faster, sheer appearance, with beautiful texture pattern woven, and best for ready to wear garments. It is 80 GSM 44” and 100% Polyester.
10.29 10.29 10.290000000000001 USD
This silk viscose twill open weave gives the appearance of a smooth finish. It is lightweight, smooth and can give lustrous look look to any garment. It is 64.8 GSM and 46% silk & 54% viscose.
Armeria Maritima RFD
2.60 2.60 2.6 USD
Our Armeria Maritima is a very close imitation of the dola silk fabric which has a very fine and glowy texture. It is breathable, drapes well, highly absorbent, excellent colour retention and got a little bit rugged feel. When you see it visually it has a very subtle shine. It is 72 GSM 44’’ and 100% Viscose.
Amaryllis RFD
4.55 4.55 4.55 USD
The amaryllis is a very close imitation of fine silk. It is lightweight, durable, and soft to touch fabric which looks good and feels great. The best part about our fabric is that it is breathable and airy. It can be dyed into any variety of colours. It is 58 GSM 44” and 100% Bemberg.

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