4.05 4.05 4.05 USD
This Bemberg yarns are entirely biodegradable and eco-friendly. It's a lustrous fabric that glides into place, soft, smooth surface, lightweight, versatile, and a substitute for silk. It is 78 GSM 54” and 100% Bemberg.
3.26 3.26 3.2600000000000002 USD
It's a pure viscose fabric in-house. Usually, viscose is used as a substitute of silk. It has a similar drape, sheer appearance, lightweight, airy and favourable for apparels. It is 70 GSM 53” and 100% Viscose.
4.49 4.49 4.49 USD
Having an effect of velvet made from natural fibres, crafted from cotton makes the this fabric more durable and strong in quality. Gives velvety touch feel, soft, smooth,stretchy, lightweight and expresses comfort. It is 350 GLM 54” and 100% cotton.
11.25 11.25 11.25 USD
It is a flat chiffon, incredibly lightweight and airy.  This elegant sheer fabric mostly used in making flowly garments, indulge beautiful drapes, scarfs and many more. It is 25.92 GSM 54” and 100% silk.
Frangipani RFD
5.84 5.84 5.84 USD
Our Frangipani is a mock-up of raw silk fabric which is nubby and has a matt look. It is visually shiny and lustrous. It can be dyed into any variety of colours, and is extremely durable. It is 90 GSM 54” and 100% Bemberg.
3.93 3.93 3.93 USD
Lycra is a fibre, popular for exceptional elasticity quality. The lycra plain fabric made in combination of cotton and lycra is breathable, stretchy across grain line, and favourable for fashion, fitness, comfort and many. It is 150 GLM 45” and 97% Cotton & 3% Lycra.
2.06 2.06 2.06 USD
Polyester is one of the worlds most popular textiles. Hence, used in thousand different consumers and industrial applications. Our FREESIA is lightweight, dull finish, smooth to touch, sheer than CURCUMA, airy, flowy, check texture appearance in nature. It is 97.5 GLM 54” and 100% Polyester.
24.91 24.91 24.91 USD
This double Georgette fabric is semi sheer, lightweight and airy. It has dull crepe finish which can provide fluid drapes, airy, smooth touch and flow in nature for garments or home decors. It is 65.664 GSM 54" and 100% silk.
6.85 6.85 6.8500000000000005 USD
This fabric is spun from the stalks of flax plants. Linen is one the niche product in the world. It is in open weave, gives gauge appearance, lightweight, highly breathable, and used in many industries like for apparel, homeware, bedding and so on. It is 150 GSM 54” and 35% Cotton & 65% Linen.
Erica RFD
3.18 3.18 3.18 USD
Our Erica Fabric is silk cotton fabric which is a blend of both fibers, combining positive characteristics of each into a single textile. It is lightweight, silky and have a comfortable weave. The silky cotton fabric has a soft hand-feel and a sturdy, silken drape, along with a versatility that makes it suitable for an extended variety of garment uses. It is 66 GSM 44” and 100% Viscose.
Dahlia RFD
5.15 5.15 5.15 USD
Dahlia is our organza tissue which is sheer, fine and lightweight, it is an open-weave fabric with a smooth sheen. Although a thin material, its highly twisted threads create a strong, durable material. The very delicate golden shiny and crisp in the fabric is perfect for evening wear. It is 55 GSM 44” and 100% Viscose.
24.47 24.47 24.47 USD
The silk satin organza is no different to traditional organza. It is soft smooth and satiny to touch. This fabric has slightly satin finish, as this solid fabrics retain the crispiness of organza which weighs more and its tighter weave renders to be opaque than traditional silk organza. It is 60.48 GSM and 100% silk.
DAISY 16 54” RFD
23.26 23.26 23.26 USD
This stretch satin fabric have a lustrous sheen; reflection of light gives extra enhancement to it. It has stretch across the grain for added comfort and ease where drapes are easy to pursue as its soft, lightweight and airy in nature. It is 69.12 54" and 94% silk & 6% spandex.
5.73 5.73 5.73 USD
It is stretch satin polyester which is favourable for making all sorts of apparel or upholstery. It is smooth, lightweight, gives satin appearance, and with slight stretch. It is 250 GSM 54” and 98% Polyester & 2% Elastine.
3.01 3.01 3.0100000000000002 USD
Polyester is one of the worlds most popular textiles. Hence, used in thousand different consumers and industrial applications. It is lightweight, dull finish, smooth to touch, slightly sheer, airy and flowy in nature. It is 127.5 GLM 54” and 100% Polyester.
4.56 4.56 4.5600000000000005 USD
Linen fabric is loved for its natural beauty and versatility; its expensive since its hard to weave. The fabric is soft yet strong, sturdy, absorbent, dries faster. The best property of linen is that one can easily wear comfortably in summers and best for apparels. It is lightweight, in an open weave, soft to touch, has gauge appearance and can feel the texture. It is 102 GSM 54” and 100% Linen.
2.66 2.66 2.66 USD
This modal fabric is a combination of organic and synthetic materials which means plant-based textile. This fabric is opaque, lightweight, breathable, lustrous, durable, has stretch across grain line and gives comfort feeling to the wearer. It is 110 GSM 54” is 100% Modal.
COSMOS 35.5 54” RFD
25.93 25.93 25.93 USD
It is woven chenille yarn which has soft front silk finish surface and fine wool finish at the back. The fabric has silk sheen surface and dull back due to wool. It is 153.36 GSM 54”. It is 25% silk & 75% wool.
2.21 2.21 2.21 USD
It is a crinkle textured fabric found in different variations. It is lightweight, thin, airy, typically has puckered surface along the grain. It is 55-60 GSM 42” and 100% cotton.
3.09 3.09 3.09 USD
Drill is a sturdy cotton fabric woven with a diagonal pattern construction called as twill weave. The fabric is lightweight, it is breathable, soft, durable and can feel the weave texture; excellent for making shirts, uniforms, upholstery and many more. It is 270 GLM 54” and 100% cotton.

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