4.49 4.49 4.49 USD
This fabric combination of cotton and spandex (satin peaching) finished is awesome to touch and see. The fabric is called peach because it is machine processed gives smoother appearance where the diagonal lines become lowered with the application of carbon wire brushing. The peaching process gives a nice, soft, and smooth feeling making it comfortable to the wearer. It is 230 GSM 54” and 97% Cotton & 3% Spandex.
7.35 7.35 7.3500000000000005 USD
Silk is generally considered a great insulator, while still breathable. Silk is naturally known for its smooth, luxurious feel, making it extremely comfortable. While Cotton being quite light, breathable but slightly coarser than silk is another great fabric. Combination of both the fibres makes our Buttercup fabric exclusive. It is 60.48 GSM 54” and 38% Silk & 62% Cotton.
Ballota RFD
3.54 3.54 3.54 USD
Ballota is a bemberg fabric which is close to silk that is known for its fineness, lightweight, softness, and silky hand. It has got smooth, silky and shiny surface. It keeps the wearer feeling fresh and comfortable. It is 40 GSM 44” and 100% Bemberg.
Bergmot RFD
3.81 3.81 3.81 USD
The Bergmot is our georgette fabric which the light-weight, little bit rough, crinkled. It is easy to dye and highly warped with the yarns of S and Z. It is lightweight and breathable, flowy, sheer, holds dye well and slight stretch. It is 52 GSM 54” and 100% Viscose.
Billbergia RFD
4.51 4.51 4.51 USD
Billbergia is the georgette fabric made with highly twisted yarns. It is a sheer, lightweight, plain-weave fabric with a coarse texture. The best part is that it doesn’t creases and holds a beautiful drape. It is 45 GSM 54” and Bemberg.
Bird of Paradise RFD
4.92 4.92 4.92 USD
The Bird of Paradise fabric is a lustrous fabric that glides smoothly into place. It has got smooth texture and shine. It’s very soft to touch and it is airy. It can be dyed into any variety of colours, and is extremely durable. It is 69 GSM 44” and 100% Bemberg.
Black Eyed Susan RFD
3.74 3.74 3.74 USD
The black eyed Susan is a mock of muga silk which has a very fine texture to it. It is lightweight, soft and have a comfortable weave. The fabric has a soft hand-feel, drapes well, and breathable that makes it suitable for an extended variety of garment uses. It is 80 GSM 44” and Bemberg.
Blanket Flower RFD
3.54 3.54 3.54 USD
Soft yet strong in nature, our Blanket Flower Fabric is highly appreciated for colour fastness as well as anti shrinkage property. It is thin, lightweight, soft to touch, and has transparency look with shimmer and twisted texture . It is 60 GSM 42” and 100% Viscose.
Blazing Star RFD
5.69 5.69 5.69 USD
Our Blazing star is a satin georgette semi-sheer fabric with a slight pebble texture. It is a light-weight, crinkled fabric and displaying an overall bouncy look. Usually this fabric gives out a crushed or twisted feel. This effect is very much appreciated as it tends to bring out more of the physique figure of the woman wearing it. It is 71 GSM 44” and 100% Bemberg.
Bleeding Heart RFD
3.40 3.40 3.4 USD
Our Bleeding heart is a shimmer bemberg translucent fabric that glides smoothly into place. It is made from fibers with a smooth surface and low abrasion that allows smooth movement. With its beautiful shimmer and unique textures, it creates a sense of presence. It is 31 GSM 44’’ and bemberg.
Bletilla RFD
4.31 4.31 4.3100000000000005 USD
Bletilla is a very close imitation of tassar silk fabric. It has a beautiful gold zari checks patta which is bound to attract your attention. The fabric has high-quality viscose zari, devoted with a silky shine, sophisticated fall and crisp texture. It is made of fine quality. It is 69 GSM 44” and Viscose.
Bougainvillea RFD
3.54 3.54 3.54 USD
This Bougainvillea is a very close imitation of tassar silk fabric. It has got intricate mesh like texture which makes it super breathable and versatile. This fabric is light weight, you can feel the texture when touched. It is 65 GSM 44” and 100% Viscose.
21.91 21.91 21.91 USD
SATIN, one of the most lustrous fabric used in the world. Typically with excellent glossy effect and dull back. It is soft, smooth, lightweight, lustrous and excellent for apparels. Our CACTUS 16 is 69.12 GSM 54” and 100% silk.
24.74 24.74 24.740000000000002 USD
Satin is one of the most lustrous fabrics used in the world. Our CACTUS 19 is 100% Silk 82 GSM 54” and is a bit heavier than the CACTUS 16. Typically with excellent glossy effect and a dull back.
39.89 39.89 39.89 USD
SATIN, one of the most lustrous fabric used in the world. Our CACTUS 40  is 172.8 GSM 54” is 100% silk and is heavier than the CACTUS 16. Typically with excellent glossy effect and dull back.
14.79 14.79 14.790000000000001 USD
This silk viscose satin mix fabric has a high gloss finish both the side; lightweight and gives soft smooth hand touch providing light stretch. Weft in back gives an appearance of horizontal stripes. It is 60.48 GSM and 38% silk & 62% viscose.
12.22 12.22 12.22 USD
This silk cotton combination faille fabric is one of the exquisite in-house collection. Faille is woven plain, where ribs in weft are crafted in silk to give pronounced textured. It is smooth, lustrous,stripes textural appearance across grain making it a popular choice for exquisite apparel. It is 120.96 GSM 54” is 35% silk & 65% cotton.
3.47 3.47 3.47 USD
Pure thick cotton plain weave where every weave of the yarn is visible and gives textural appearance. It is thick, sturdy and durable in nature. It is 260 GSM 54” and 100% cotton.
10.06 10.06 10.06 USD
Having an effect of velvet made from natural fibres crafted from cotton makes the fabric more durable and strong in quality; gives velvety touch feel, thick than Gerbera. It is soft, smooth, heavyweight and expresses comfort. It is 525 GLM 54” and 100% cotton.
2.02 2.02 2.02 USD
This poly satin fabric has lustrous shine and silkier feel. It is lightweight, airy, thin, and best for apparels such as in making gowns. It is 105 GLM 54” and 100% Polyester.

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